All students are expected to choose three classes (9 credits). Two classes (6 credits) will be considered in exceptional circumstances only.

CEE 3051: Introduction to Structural Engineering (3 credits)

This course introduces key concepts in structural engineering: the science, art and skill of designing various types of structures such that their behavior is as intended in a safe manner throughout their lifetime. Through case studies of structures and failures, demonstrations and lectures, students will understand how structures of all types (i.e. buildings, bridges, domes, dams, etc.) take and transfer loads, compute the effects of the loads on the structural members, and determine the material and size of these members such that they are safe.

Prerequisite: COE 3001, or consent of instructor.

Instructor: Lauren Stewart

CEE 4620: Environmental Impact Assessment (3 credits)

Environmental Impact Assessment exposes students to important planning, policy, and methodological issues associated with assessing the environmental impacts of civil engineering systems. The course includes an overview of the environmental regulatory framework and analytical techniques employed in the preparation of Environmental Impact Statements under the National Environmental Policy Act.

Instructor: Randall Guensler

CEE 3020: Civil Materials Laboratory (3 credits)

This laboratory course covers the physical, mechanical, and durability properties of concrete, metals, unreinforced and reinforced plastics, timber, asphalt, and asphalt concrete.

Instructors: Kimberly Kurtis and Lauren Stewart

CEE 4699: Undergraduate Research (3 credits)

Independent research conducted under the guidance of a faculty member.

Instructors: Randall Guensler, Kimberly Kurtis and Lauren Stewart (and other faculty, by approval only)