Financial Aid

Most financial aid and scholarships, including HOPE, Pell Grant, and Zell Miller, are applicable to GT study abroad programs.  For details on how aid applies for summer program, please visit Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid. Visit the Office of International Education for study abroad scholarship information. 

Civil and environmental engineering students have access to several dedicated funding sources to support their travels overseas. Whether you’re planning an organized study abroad trip or just traveling to experience the world, an international work experience or a research trip, we have alumni who want to help you pay for it. Explore all of our study abroad funds here — and keep in mind that each fund has slightly different requirements and a dedicated application. More information found here.

Mundy and Other Funds

This program is subsidized by the Joe S. Mundy Global Learning Endowment and other Institute and School Resources. The reduced program fee of $2,500 includes all Mundy and other reductions/fellowships. Students should not expect to receive additional CEE/Mundy fellowship dollars.